One guard’s story illustrates the extreme danger of contraband cell phones

A few years after graduating from high school, Robert Johnson decided to apply for a job with the Florida Department of Corrections. He was hired and, after a period of training, was sent to work in one of the state’s toughest institutions – a maximum security facility where some of the state’s most violent and dangerous offenders were housed.


It was a job where as many as half of all recruits quit within their first month. But Johnson took to the tough prison environment naturally. He had an easygoing, respectful way with the inmates but was firm and confident at the same time. These are exactly the kind of traits that any supervisor looks for in a new corrections officer.


As the years went on, Johnson was promoted through the ranks. After a few years, he was tapped for promotion to one of the FDOCs most prestigious jobs. Johnson was offered a position on the prison’s SERT team. SERT stands for Special Emergency Response team. The team is charged with carrying out the most dangerous tasks in the prison system, such as inmate extractions, random cell searches and riot control. Johnson quickly proved to be a capable team member, eventually becoming a unit commander.


It was in this position, as the head of his own SERT team, that Johnson became the target of one of the most powerful gangs in the state. On a routine cell search, Johnson and his team uncovered a package containing a large amount of a powder substance. Later, tests revealed that it was nearly pure heroin, with a street value of around $50,000. This meant that the prison value of the drugs may have been over a quarter-million dollars.


The gang to whom the heroin belonged quickly discovered that Johnson was behind the raid. One morning, as he prepared for work, a gunman broke down the front door of Johnson’s home, rushed him and fired six shots, point-blank, into his chest. By a miracle, Johnson survived. But it has been a long road to recovery. After more than 30 surgeries, Johnson still lives in extreme pain. He cannot work his old job, but he has found a new way to promote the safety of the nation’s prisons.


Johnson has teamed up with Securus Technologies to promote the company’s Wireless Containment System, a device that enables officers to block 100-percent of all unauthorized cellular calls originating from within a prison’s grounds. After Johnson’s ordeal, it was determined that the hit on him had been placed over a contraband cell phone. If the Wireless Containment System had been installed where Johnson worked, it likely would have saved him from being shot.


Today, Johnson and Securus are working to put a permanent end to the threat of contraband cell phones.


What You Need to Know About Securus Technologies

Securus is the largest United States prison technology company. It is based in Dallas, Texas and was formed in 1986. The company employs more than 1,000 people under the leadership of Richard Falcone, who is the Chairman and the CEO. Are you running on a tight schedule? The company gives you the chance to directly communicate with your incarnated loved one despite your location across the globe.




Securus Technologies has a firm belief that everyone deserves the best data for the decisions that we make. It has become a leading destination for many users in discovering the investments, industry trends, and to know more about the global companies.


The primary goal is deploying mobile safety and secure goods and services to the marketplace.


Secured Communication


The organization works tirelessly in providing excellent communication experiences. It offers various ways of communicating with your family and the incarnated friends. Through Secure Instant Mail, Securus Technologies gives you a chance to take control of your communication. Do you want to speak with the inmate at the comfort of your home? Well, it might sound impossible, but that is the primary goal of the company – to ensure that you can effectively communicate with your loved one while still away. Some benefits of Secure Instant Mail are:


  • There is no need for approval when sending the email message.
  • It offers 24 hours, seven days in a week access to the email messages at any given point, provided there is internet access.
  • It is simple to use.
  • Ability to attach photos and electronic greeting cards to your incarnated family and friends.


Securus Technologies does not only offer inmate telecommunication services but has also diversified to money transfer, Inmate healthcare, education, and media services. It is the ideal company that provides excellent technology services in the marketplace.



Guaranteed Public Safety with Securus Technologies

There many engineers, designers and technology experts that are working day and night in producing technology for public safety but, there is no other technology that has been able to provide high tech software solutions like Securus Company.

1.2 Million In North America inmates depends on Securus Company services. The company has been employed by 3400 entities in the public sector. The high number of people depending on the enterprise is because of success when using their products.

The Securus gadgets have been used in solving many mysteries in the investigative cases. The devices are successful because they are highly coded and can only be cracked by the service providers. The Securus gadgets are also used to link the officials to the inmates’ cell and know what’s going on in them. This is a measure of ensuring that peace is maintained in the cells and inmates are not hurt by their fellow convicts who may be hostile.

The Securus gadgets are also used by the inmates for communication purposes. The devices provide to the detainees are specifically for making calls to their family members and friends. The machines cannot be used for other uses. The Company has set up standards, to know when the use of the devices is being violated. This measure is fundamental because the failure of such measures may lead to the public being hurt, through the correlation of inmates with their fellow convicts who may have been able to walk scot free. Wrong use of the technology would also lead to issues like prison breaks.

Securus Company, aimed at protecting the public at large. The company has also put efforts in improving the lives of the inmates, by providing them with ways of connecting with their family members and friends as well. This has put meaning to the correction services; in that, the inmates feel they’re there to reform and not to suffer due to the extra care.


How Securus Technologies Helped Close a Hunt for a Fugitive

Earlier this year me and my fellow fugitive task force team were alerted that a suspect in the area was armed and dangerous and looking to kill cops. He was already being hunted for armed robberies at a number of banks, and he opened fire on a number of officers who tried to take him into custody. If this suspect has little regard for the police, then the average citizen was in serious danger if they ever came fact to face with our suspect.


I decided to go to the jail he was housed earlier this year to see if we could get any information or leads from the inmates who came in contact with him. This is a very challenging task because inmates will not openly talk with authorities because they get labeled as a snitch, and then they have to deal with their own type of justice from other inmates. I knew there were a few inmates who had dealings with out suspect, and I was sure he even burned a few bridges along the way.


Securus Technologies was in the jail that week installing a new updated inmate telephone communication system. According to CEO Richard Smith, his Dallas-based company and all of his employees are constantly striving towards one goal, making the world safer for us all. With over 2,500 call monitoring systems in jails around the country, this company is doing something right. Since we already had the inmates chattering about our presence, it was time to listen in to see what they really thought about us.


One inmate in particular was irate he was in jail, and blamed our suspect for ratting him out. Whether his complaints were warranted or not, he gave up more information in those calls we could have ever wanted. One tip lead us right to a girlfriend’s trailer where he was hiding, and we took him in while he was sleeping one off.