U.S. Money Reserve Gives Back To Those In Need

When disaster strikes close to home it’s those who aren’t usually affected and have the resources that try to help and if they don’t have the resources they usually take donations to help those effected by weather related disasters that happen. Without donations and programs to help those in need towns would never be rebuilt so those who do help should be thanked repeatedly for their generosity to help those affected by natural disasters. Along with the Austin Disaster Relief Network the U.S. Money Reserve raised a large amount of money from donations in order to help victims of hurricane Harvey. The total amount raised was $219,622 U.S. Money Reserve matched donations made to the Austin Disaster Relief Network during the month of September. This was done through the U.S. Money Reserves very own YouCaring web page. Sense the U.S. Money Reserve has locations in Texas they only thought it was right for them to help their fellow Texans who were victims of the hurricane by raising and donating money to help. Hurricane Harvey was decided to be a category 4 hurricane that greatly effected Texas on August,25,2017. Hurricanes are one of the most devastating natural disasters that effect many states most times without much notice.

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