Gold Market Discussed on New Direct TV Show

US Money Reserve has a new direct TV show called “2016 Gold Summit.” The US Money Reserve is a private distributor of gold and silver products. The show will have Larry King as its moderator and will take place in Los Angeles.

The program also has Michael Reagan, who is the oldest son of former President Ronald Reagan. Reagan speaks on his father’s belief in the right to own gold. Gold has been a topic of discussion since the stock market has given investors uncertain returns.

This segment also has three panelists who believe in the right to own gold and how important it is in this uncertain market. The dollar and its value are also among the topic of discussion.

The new show wants to show the important of investing in such a solid commodity as a gold. Recent events are covered that have effected the gold market The panelists are all top current and former staff at the US Money Reserve. The credentials lend credibility to the discussion.

Angela Koch, CEO of the US Money Reserve, feels that this show was proof of her production team’s hard work. Two big names, like Larry King and Michael Reagan, helped to bring this show the publicity it needed. They discussed important topics, like the market for precious metals.

The investment in gold has been a hot topic since the stock market has seen ups and downs. This timely show gives investors investment information needed to make wise decisions. This show will only be available on select markets.

The US Money Reserve has been one of the most trusted named in precious metals investment. They are a large distributor of government issued coins. Clients trust the US Money Reserve to choose the best coins for their portfolios and gain them the best returns on their investments.

They build trust with their clients, which shows in their numbers. Over 400,000 individuals have trusted them with their money, the US Money Reserve continues to be the leader in the industry. With the uncertain stock market returns, the US Money Reserve helps clients build strong portfolios to earn.

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