Talos Energy Operating Company (LCC)

Since forming as a Foreign Limited Liability Company(LCC) in 2012, Talos Energy has seen tremendous growth and success in a short time period. Being a company handles oil and gas exploration development throughout the Gulf of Mexico and abroad, Talos Energy commits its energy to providing safe and secure environmentally operations, as well as always seeking new and efficient ways to operate. There is little to debate about the positive impact that Talos Energy is having as of recent.

For example, since its start in 2012, Talos Energy has already established two oil and gas companies in the Gulf of Mexico that have each produced positive returns the investors in the companies. That accomplishment in an d of itself is a testament to the great work over at Talos but, the company knows that ahead lies more accomplishments to achieve and more success to gain. With that said, let us recap an article by workboat.com, to see how Talos Energy is producing in other areas. Their Facebook Page.

Talos Energy & Mexico oil reform

In the article by workboat.com titled “Mexico oil reform advances with first private well in 80 years”, the article goes on to explain the success Talos has had in advancing private wells in Mexico. It continues in explaining how Talos Energy, along with a few other companies, have partnered to create new oil wells in Mexican waters which ends an eighty-year drought of them not existing there. In addition, as a collective of the companies, they will produce an estimated 100 million to 500 million barrels of oil at a cost of $16 million. Also, given the fact that the company has been given a high probability of success by respected analyst Elaine Reynolds, it is easy to see why Talos won the rights to prospect the area, winning a very competitive bidding war. If this doesn’t show the magnitude of the great work Talos has done and will continue to do, there is nothing else to show for it.