Sheldon Lavin: Steering OSI Group into the Global Market

Leadership is an essential element in the growth of any entity. The role of leadership is epitomized by the expansion of OSI Group into a global brand. Sheldon Lavin is the man credited with the growth of the company from a small meat supplier in Illinois to a worldwide conglomerate. Before joining OSI, Lavin was worked as an investor and executive in the banking industry for more than fifteen years.

Lavin initially facilitated the financing of the company, which was by then known as Otto & Sons. It had been established in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant. It was a family meat market in Oak Park, Illinois before moving to Maywood as a wholesale meat trade. Lavin was instrumental in transforming the enterprise from revolving around meat supply to McDonald to the national and international markets.

Mr. Lavin studies accounting and finance at the University of Illinois and Northwestern University. Also, he holds a BS in Business from Roosevelt University. Lavin gained immense experience in finance having run a financial consulting firm for about fifteen years. Although he had initially rejected a suggestion by the lender (bank) to take an ownership position in the business, he agreed to McDonald’s request to join the company full time. He became more involved in the group around the 1970s and gained half of controlling interest. The early stages of expansion saw the company open units in South America and Taiwan.

Lavin’s unique approach towards success is anchored in promoting a family-like culture. He is undoubtedly committed towards the needs of the employees across the globe and their role in expansion and growth. He has also endeavored to ensure that the company responds to consumer needs in different parts of the world. One way has been through maintaining local management teams in all its facilities to allow for an understanding of local cultures, preferences, and tastes.

More than forty years at the helm of the business, Lavin still has the vigor to steer the company to greater heights. The company currently boasts of presence in more than seventeen countries across sixty-five facilities. He has notably led the OSI Group in Europe with the acquisition of brands such as Baho Foods. The brand operates in over eighteen countries in Europe. Besides running OSI Group, Lavin has been involved in charities for over twenty-five years. His leadership style has placed OSI Group in its current position in the international scene.

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Roberto Santiago Built Manaira Mall

Roberto Santiago is a businessman who has grown a small mall into something that is close to an empire. With everything from a concert hall to a hotel and traditional shopping, Roberto Santiago knows what he needs to do to make sure that people are able to get the most out of the experiences that they have while they are at the Manaira Mall. He knows a lot about shopping and even designing buildings like the mall and used his expertise to make the mall the best place possible back in 1989. It was a huge change for the people who were a part of the shopping world and who wanted to be able to try new things. Read more on

The shops that are in the Manaira Mall are very different from one another. While there is a section of the mall that is dedicated to the traditional chain stores that can be found in most malls, there are also sections of the mall that are specifically for designer stores and even traditional stores. Anyone who needs anything – from Brazilian souvenirs to high-heeled designer shoes – is able to find what they need from the Manaira Mall right in Paraiba.

Most people who visit the Manaira Mall without knowing what the mall has to offer are surprised by everything that is included in the mall. From the expo center to the hotel, the mall has many unexpected options that help people to have a more enjoyable time while they are at the mall. Everything that Roberto Santiago has done for the Manaira Mall has made it easier for people to be able to enjoy the mall and get more out of the mall. It has also given him a chance to be able to grow the mall even more than what he did in the past.

The expo center has proven to be one of the best assets that the mall has. It is something that most people do not expect and something that has made people come into the mall even when they don’t need to shop or eat. The way that Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is set up has made it easy for people to come to the mall and to be able to see everything that the mall has to offer even if they are just there for a concert or another event at the expo center. Visit for more info.

Roberto Santiago is a true businessman and has been helping people who come to the mall since the mall was first created. He came up with all of the ideas for the mall and even made the choice to show people that they could do more with it. As a business person who owns a mall, he has been able to set up the generations after him with the success that they need. Since Manaira has continued to be successful, there is no reason to believe that it would stop being successful in the years that are going to come for the generations that are after Roberto Santiago.

George Soros Is Making A Comeback In Politics

George Soros is a target of the right because of his wealth and position, and this article explains how he is more than a wealthy man with a liberal agenda. He believes in the perspective he has from being a holocaust survivor, and there are many people who are avoiding his perspective because they do not wish to hear his liberal agenda. George is giving back in many different ways, and he is teaching people that there are many things to look out for.

#1: The Right Needs A Scapegoat

The right is looking for as many people as possible to point fingers at when they want to excoriate the liberal agenda. They want to fight against anyone who believes differently from them, and they have chosen George Soros because he is a public figure with wealth. He has enough money that he can be pointed to as the liberal elite, and he is not like that in the least.

#2: The Liberal Agenda He Keeps

George has worked with the Open Society Foundation, and he gave quite a lot of money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He knows that he may help quite a few people why giving back to progressive causes, and he is looking at ways to help the nation during the upcoming midterm elections. The elections that are happening soon are a problem that must be met with great fervor by the left, and George has met with many people who are willing to give to progressive causes.

#3: Fighting In The Midterms

The midterm elections are a place where many conservative politicians may be removed. George is helping paying for many PACs that will combat people such as Joe Arpaio in Arizona, and these conservative politicians will be held to account for the things they have said that paint the progressive left in the wrong light. George wants the world to be a safer place, but he is afraid that it is looking more and more like Nazi Germany every day. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

#4: What Does George Do?

George Soros is one of the finest currency speculators in the world, and he is a billionaire who made much of his money using currency. He is tracking the economy because he knows quite a lot about how the world economy works, and he hopes to ensure that all people who are investing knows how to protect their money.

Everyone who is interested in progressive causes must know what George Soros is doing. He has become a target of the right because they do not want to see progressive causes grow. He is more than the liberal elite because he gives his money where it is most-needed, and he helps those who have no voice. Read more on

Bob Reina and his Innovative Networking Video Company are 10 Years Old

Success is no stranger to Bob Reina, who is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion based in Tampa Florida. Talk Fusion is a direct sales video communication company that reaches over 100 countries around the world. Reina opened the company after learning the techniques of networking, and then putting them to work for him.


Reina created Talk Fusion after he tried to send a 10-second video to his mother in 2004. When he could find no venue to do that, he knew he had found the avenue he would use to contribute to society. He had been a police officer for over a decade, and helping people was paramount to him in his career. He has developed an excellent video company, and he is able to help people both inside the company outside the business.


Reina is decided and committed to the success of Talk Fusion as well as his team of associates within the company. Talk Fusion has become a leader in the industry, which he attributes to working hard and not giving up. Thinking outside the box has allowed Reina to reach his past goals while developing strategies that involve trendsetting and developing innovative products to benefit his customers.Learn more : (


Reina admits that one of the most significant attributes of Talk Fusion is the absolute best IT and marketing professionals in the business. His associates have success stories about how being a part of Talk Fusion has changed their lives, and this encourages Reina to continue to take the company to new levels.


Updated research has said that by the end of the year 2017, 85 percent of all internet users will be using videos to communicate. This opens the market up for Talk Fusion, which uses state-of-the-art technology to produce incredible videos. The All-in-One Solutions package includes the original Video Email, Video Chat, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, Sign-ups, and and evaluations program for business.Click here


Bob Reina now offers a free 30-day trial of this popular package by simply going to and signing up with a current email!





According to Arthur Becker a business man and investor in New York, success in business needs one to point out a talent, persuade talented people towards their vision and finally give way so that they can also give their best into the business. This is the same spirit that Arthur uses in his investments in the real estate, biotechnology and in any other businesses that he sets his mind on. Arthur ( is part of the management team of the Madison Partners which is focused on real estate and biotechnology especially the emerging businesses. He is also the former CEO of the largest newsstand in the world, Zinio. He worked as the CEO from 2012 until 2015. Before working with Zinio he worked at NASDAQ’s subsidiary NaviSite which provided internet services, colocation and hosted many of the businesses in U.S and U.K. He has also served as an advisor for Vera Wang fashion Company for about 7 years.

After the sale of NaviSite to Times Warner, Arthur turned his attention towards the real estate and biotechnology business. He is in the final process of finishing some houses in New York. In 2011 he invested in the construction of condos in New York, Miami and Florida. His interest in the real estate business started after his graduation when he began selling houses in New England. He has also gained exposure in the field of biotechnology and he became fascinated with the paradigms. According to him, biotechnology is alluring due to its combination of economic benefits and the ability to serve humanity.

Arthur has a passion for photography and art. He studied photography alongside pre-med and ceramic majors at Bennington College ( In the 1990s he was back to his photography business with an aim to produce better texture photographs that required for him to overcome the challenges in most of the available Camera lenses in that century. His art is mostly centered on currency and has been featured in Art Basel and The Hal Katzen among other famous exhibitions. He claims that even though he has his own talent, he is better suited at coordinating and organizing the work of other experts.