Pleasure Of Flying Higher With Fagali’I Airport

Fagali’I Airport is a favorite resource located in Samoa. Previously, it all started as a simple airstrip owned by the Samoan Government. At that time, the aerodrome was closed since it was reported to cause fears of insecurity and noise. In 2009 which was its time for reopening, it became an international airport due to the flight services it offered. It was so much ready to start providing top notch services unlike befofe. The ill-motive individuals at that time were more than prepared to begin criticizing the airport, but without noticing, they failed.

The airlines that have been well operating over the years are; Samoa Air, Polynesian Airlines, Talofa Airways and South Pacific Island Airways. No negative result has ever been reported. Instead, positive feedbacks on on the proper services the airport has been providing is what the clients have been mentioning.


Currently, Polynesian Airlines own this airport and runs all the operations with ease. One of the most significant achievements is that Polynesia Airlines under Fagali’I has taken over the American Samoan route. The growth of the airport is viewed due to the multiple numbers of services it offers to a different number of routes. The Fagali’I airport is surrounded by luxurious hotels which travelers can spend their time resting, working or even having fun before starting their travel routines. Though it is referred to as a small airport in Apia, Fagali’I have spread its roots so deep to the extent of having services reach in Africa.

Fagali’I has been a favorite of many due to the affordability of services. They ensure that their traveling services are considered even by the people termed to be of a low class level. Unlike other popular airports whose pricing strategy favors only the wealthy, Fagali’I Airport balances all the economic classes to ensure every client feels at home. Soon enough, this airport is going to be ranked as the best of the best if it stills upholds its proper services and customer care according to Some of the degraded factors in a business like the penetration pricing and many others are what will earn Fagali’I more popularity and enable it to earn a high market share in the flight business.

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