Need A Hair Makeover? Start With WEN’s No Lather Shampoo You appear to follow all the hair care rules, right?

You head to the salon every four to six weeks and allow a professional to style your tresses. Then you come home and continue the cycle of shampoo, rinse, condition, rinse, over and over again.

So why is your mane not too amazing? What are you doing wrong?

L.A. celebrity stylist Chaz Dean has a theory that has made a lot of sense and changed the world’s way of general hair care. According to the longtime hair guru, your shampoo is the main problem. Most of these products are made with chemicals that actually weaken the hair over time and dull the strands. Powerful chemicals from the sulfate family have been shown to deplete the hair of its precious, natural hair oils, drying out strands and making them prone to breakage.

Chaz Dean developed his line of famous WEN By Chaz cleansing conditioners. These nourishing and gentle formulas are the original no-poo shampoos. There is no lather and no harsh sulfates. Instead, your hair is bathed in rich treatments containing fruit extracts and herbal extracts, and these cleansing conditioners smell so incredibly good.

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The beauty of WEN is in its gentleness and development for hair of all types and in any condition. These one-bottle cleansing conditioners are multi-performers, so you can escape the damaging cycle of sulfate shampoos and conditioners.

One WEN By Chaz cleansing conditioner will perform exceptionally as a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, de-tangler and stay-in conditioning treatment. What you receive in return are healthier strands from root to end, fabulous shine, manageability and stronger hair.

WEN By Chaz is so gentle and effective, Chaz Dean also created a children’s hair care line, WEN Kids, which also features a one-bottle cleansing conditioner.

No lather means no problem with WEN.

George Soros Is Making A Comeback In Politics

George Soros is a target of the right because of his wealth and position, and this article explains how he is more than a wealthy man with a liberal agenda. He believes in the perspective he has from being a holocaust survivor, and there are many people who are avoiding his perspective because they do not wish to hear his liberal agenda. George is giving back in many different ways, and he is teaching people that there are many things to look out for.

#1: The Right Needs A Scapegoat

The right is looking for as many people as possible to point fingers at when they want to excoriate the liberal agenda. They want to fight against anyone who believes differently from them, and they have chosen George Soros because he is a public figure with wealth. He has enough money that he can be pointed to as the liberal elite, and he is not like that in the least.

#2: The Liberal Agenda He Keeps

George has worked with the Open Society Foundation, and he gave quite a lot of money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He knows that he may help quite a few people why giving back to progressive causes, and he is looking at ways to help the nation during the upcoming midterm elections. The elections that are happening soon are a problem that must be met with great fervor by the left, and George has met with many people who are willing to give to progressive causes.

#3: Fighting In The Midterms

The midterm elections are a place where many conservative politicians may be removed. George is helping paying for many PACs that will combat people such as Joe Arpaio in Arizona, and these conservative politicians will be held to account for the things they have said that paint the progressive left in the wrong light. George wants the world to be a safer place, but he is afraid that it is looking more and more like Nazi Germany every day. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

#4: What Does George Do?

George Soros is one of the finest currency speculators in the world, and he is a billionaire who made much of his money using currency. He is tracking the economy because he knows quite a lot about how the world economy works, and he hopes to ensure that all people who are investing knows how to protect their money.

Everyone who is interested in progressive causes must know what George Soros is doing. He has become a target of the right because they do not want to see progressive causes grow. He is more than the liberal elite because he gives his money where it is most-needed, and he helps those who have no voice. Read more on

Bob Reina and his Innovative Networking Video Company are 10 Years Old

Success is no stranger to Bob Reina, who is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion based in Tampa Florida. Talk Fusion is a direct sales video communication company that reaches over 100 countries around the world. Reina opened the company after learning the techniques of networking, and then putting them to work for him.


Reina created Talk Fusion after he tried to send a 10-second video to his mother in 2004. When he could find no venue to do that, he knew he had found the avenue he would use to contribute to society. He had been a police officer for over a decade, and helping people was paramount to him in his career. He has developed an excellent video company, and he is able to help people both inside the company outside the business.


Reina is decided and committed to the success of Talk Fusion as well as his team of associates within the company. Talk Fusion has become a leader in the industry, which he attributes to working hard and not giving up. Thinking outside the box has allowed Reina to reach his past goals while developing strategies that involve trendsetting and developing innovative products to benefit his customers.Learn more : (


Reina admits that one of the most significant attributes of Talk Fusion is the absolute best IT and marketing professionals in the business. His associates have success stories about how being a part of Talk Fusion has changed their lives, and this encourages Reina to continue to take the company to new levels.


Updated research has said that by the end of the year 2017, 85 percent of all internet users will be using videos to communicate. This opens the market up for Talk Fusion, which uses state-of-the-art technology to produce incredible videos. The All-in-One Solutions package includes the original Video Email, Video Chat, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, Sign-ups, and and evaluations program for business.Click here


Bob Reina now offers a free 30-day trial of this popular package by simply going to and signing up with a current email!




Online Reputation Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

Most people rush into making the decision to become entrepreneurs without first researching the pros and cons of a career in entrepreneurship. It is true that you will have more control over your life, as you make your own schedules. It is also true that you will make more and will have the opportunity to truly grow. However, entrepreneurship entails more that. Because you have to stay atop of things, it really sucks most of your energy. And, sometimes you will find that you forget somethings that are vital for the success of your business. One of the things that most entrepreneurs tend to forget is to maintain an online reputation. If you between the hustle and bustle you didn’t even care to research what it entails. Here are something you need to know about online reputation management for entrepreneurs.

Repair The Current Mess

According to the first step to maintaining your online reputation management is to search yourself and find out what you are dealing with. Use one of the readily available apps to review your social media history. Ensure that you get rid of all unprofessional photos and any comments or posts that might embarrass you. This will ensure that your history doesn’t come to haunt you and jeopardize your progress.

Have a Website

As an entrepreneur, a website is a very powerful tool. This will be the organic result that is provided when anyone searches your business. Therefore, you cannot afford to underestimate it. It will make it easy for customers and partners to contact you.

Update your Website

Once you have created a website, it is time to make it attract traffic to your website and make sure that they stay long enough to learn what you are selling. Therefore, it is important that you write great content and update your blog page on a regular basis. Also, ensure that the graphics of your website are attractive but it should not be overbearing such that it makes it hard to navigate through the pages of your website.

Gold Market Discussed on New Direct TV Show

US Money Reserve has a new direct TV show called “2016 Gold Summit.” The US Money Reserve is a private distributor of gold and silver products. The show will have Larry King as its moderator and will take place in Los Angeles.

The program also has Michael Reagan, who is the oldest son of former President Ronald Reagan. Reagan speaks on his father’s belief in the right to own gold. Gold has been a topic of discussion since the stock market has given investors uncertain returns.

This segment also has three panelists who believe in the right to own gold and how important it is in this uncertain market. The dollar and its value are also among the topic of discussion.

The new show wants to show the important of investing in such a solid commodity as a gold. Recent events are covered that have effected the gold market The panelists are all top current and former staff at the US Money Reserve. The credentials lend credibility to the discussion.

Angela Koch, CEO of the US Money Reserve, feels that this show was proof of her production team’s hard work. Two big names, like Larry King and Michael Reagan, helped to bring this show the publicity it needed. They discussed important topics, like the market for precious metals.

The investment in gold has been a hot topic since the stock market has seen ups and downs. This timely show gives investors investment information needed to make wise decisions. This show will only be available on select markets.

The US Money Reserve has been one of the most trusted named in precious metals investment. They are a large distributor of government issued coins. Clients trust the US Money Reserve to choose the best coins for their portfolios and gain them the best returns on their investments.

They build trust with their clients, which shows in their numbers. Over 400,000 individuals have trusted them with their money, the US Money Reserve continues to be the leader in the industry. With the uncertain stock market returns, the US Money Reserve helps clients build strong portfolios to earn.

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Fabletics and Kate Hudson Provide Options to Women

Fabletics has a sole purpose of being able to make sure that women are getting what they can out of different situations and that they are going to be able to benefit from all of the options that are included with the clothing choices that they have. It is a service that is very convenient and one that is able to help women get exactly what they want from different situations. For people who purchase from Fabletics, getting more out of the outfits that they have and with the subscription boxes that they are able to use, the service is worth nearly everything that there is to offer.


A Foodie Stays Fit knows that Fabletics is a great option for people and she was often curious about it. She wanted to do a review that was completely honest, though, and she made sure that she was able to do what she could to be able to show people that things were going to be different. She didn’t want Fabletics to sponsor her so she purchased her own Fabletics box and got what was in it based on the style quiz that she took. This was a great opportunity for her to try something new but was also a chance for her to show her followers things about the box. She told them everything that she loved about it and even mentioned that it would be worth continuing to stay fit. As a health-conscious person, AFSF wanted to use clothes that worked well with her body and that were designed to be stylish.


For the majority of the time, Fabletics is reviewed by people who were sponsored to do so. Along with AFSF, The Krazy Coupon Lady review is also one that anyone can trust because it was not sponsored either. The KCL made sure that she bought everything on her own so that she could tell everyone just exactly what she thought of the clothes. She loved the price of them and was actually surprised at the quality of the leggings that she received with her box. It gave her a chance to get leggings that were similar to Lululemon at about half of the price that the leggings from there would typically cost someone like her. It was also something that gave her the opportunity to choose a new money saving opportunity for everyone who wanted to be able to enjoy the clothes.

MB2 Dental Solutions is the Best Choice for Dental Services

MB2 Dental Solutions is an organization that provides dental services. It also acts as a partner to affiliated dentists. Further, it provides them with offices that enable them to carry out their dental practice while maintaining control of their patients. MB2 affiliated dental offices have clinical independence.

Moreover, they run efficiently because of the MB2 team. The guiding principles of the organization include excellence, integrity, teamwork, and innovation. MB2 Dental Solutions has dental offices in Alaska, Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

According to Whitepages, MB2 Dental Solutions’ vision entails establishing a community where dentists can offer excellent dental care to their patients. On the other hand, the organization’s mission encompasses providing clients with guidance, knowledge, and personalized systems to address non-clinical tasks.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the chief executive officer and founder of MB2 Dental Solution. He established the organization because of the problems experienced in both the Group Practice and Sole Practice models of dentistry. Chris wanted dentists to become real dentists and get benefits from their practice.

MB2 Dental Solutions Team

MB2 Dental Solutions acknowledge that patient care and satisfaction is fundamental to the affiliated dental practice. As a result, the organization has designated all non-clinical tasks to a team of experts. The human resource department has experts who manage the staffs of the organization.

The accounting and finance department consists of experts who make sound financial decisions with reporting and recommendations. The Information Technology department ensures offices run smoothly with updated systems.

The marketing division has experts who draft the right strategies, execute the plans, and give feedback. Learn more about MB2 Dental:

Dr. Akhil Reddy

Dr. Akhil Reddy is a dentist who resides in Fort Worth, Texas where he works at Hulen Mall Family Dental PA. He works in offices in Carrollton, Texas and Corpus Christi, Texas. Reddy has nine years of experience in dental practice.

He has an admirable specialty in general dentistry and expertise in other nine areas, which include crowning, cleaning, extraction, cavity, dental check-up, veneers, root canal, filling, and teeth cleaning.

Dr. Akhil Reddy was gifted a Patients’ Choice Award in 2014. The award honored those physicians who brought change to a patient. From 2002 to 2005, Reddy studied at the University of the Pacific where he acquired his degree in biology.

After graduating, he spent the next three years in the School of Dentistry at the University of the Pacific to acquire a DDS. Reddy received the Michael J. Minch Award when he was still an undergraduate at the institution.

Karl Heideck – Prominent Lawyer In Philadelphia With Specialization In Risk Management And Compliance Law

Philadelphia Attorney Karl Heideck Litigation is the process of filing a lawsuit in the court of justice or preparing for a defense argument. The entire legal proceedings, starting from filing the case to the court proceedings that follow is termed as litigation. The clients involved in the legal case are known as litigants, and the attorneys are handling the case on client’s behalf are known as litigators. It takes years of study in the field of law to become litigators.

Litigation is the means of solving the disputes in the court of justice under the legally moderated format. Some legal guidelines and legislation help in solving the cases of any nature, irrespective of whether it is criminal, finance, fraud, homicide, assault, or any other types. The litigants can be the state, individuals, organizations, corporations and companies. In litigation, the evidence plays a crucial part of the argument and is what the court of justice considers that.

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Karl Heideck is the name to reckon with in the field of law in Philadelphia region. He is practicing law in Philadelphia for over ten years and is one of the most prominent lawyers in cases dealing with compliance and risk management. Over the years, Karl Heideck has successfully won many cases for his clients, which includes some of the high profile customers and corporations from the state.

Karl Heideck did his Bachelor of Arts from Swarthmore College and did his Juris Doctor in law from the Temple University – James E. Beasley School of Law. As one of the most well-known attorneys for compliance and risk management, Karl Heideck helps many clients develop organizational guidelines that assist them to follow the law of conformity of the state. Risk management is also one of the fields that need years of experience and expertise, and Karl Heideck helps organizations keep risks at bay through his legal skills and guidance.


According to Arthur Becker a business man and investor in New York, success in business needs one to point out a talent, persuade talented people towards their vision and finally give way so that they can also give their best into the business. This is the same spirit that Arthur uses in his investments in the real estate, biotechnology and in any other businesses that he sets his mind on. Arthur ( is part of the management team of the Madison Partners which is focused on real estate and biotechnology especially the emerging businesses. He is also the former CEO of the largest newsstand in the world, Zinio. He worked as the CEO from 2012 until 2015. Before working with Zinio he worked at NASDAQ’s subsidiary NaviSite which provided internet services, colocation and hosted many of the businesses in U.S and U.K. He has also served as an advisor for Vera Wang fashion Company for about 7 years.

After the sale of NaviSite to Times Warner, Arthur turned his attention towards the real estate and biotechnology business. He is in the final process of finishing some houses in New York. In 2011 he invested in the construction of condos in New York, Miami and Florida. His interest in the real estate business started after his graduation when he began selling houses in New England. He has also gained exposure in the field of biotechnology and he became fascinated with the paradigms. According to him, biotechnology is alluring due to its combination of economic benefits and the ability to serve humanity.

Arthur has a passion for photography and art. He studied photography alongside pre-med and ceramic majors at Bennington College ( In the 1990s he was back to his photography business with an aim to produce better texture photographs that required for him to overcome the challenges in most of the available Camera lenses in that century. His art is mostly centered on currency and has been featured in Art Basel and The Hal Katzen among other famous exhibitions. He claims that even though he has his own talent, he is better suited at coordinating and organizing the work of other experts.


Julie Zuckerberg Takes the Lead in Recruiting the Future Workforce

Julie Zuckerberg works at Deutsche Bank, a leading banking institution that started in Germany. She serves as the current Executive Talent Acquisition lead. Julie acquired her Bachelors in Philosophy at the City University of New York and graduated with honors. She later joined the New York School of Law where she studied law. Julie can communicate with the coming millennial workforce. She takes it upon herself to understand the desires and talents of the bank employees and ensures that they are the first batch she looks at in the case of an open position. Internal promotion inflicts morale, confidence, and appreciation for the company by employees. Julie also employs the use of social media to scout for new potential employees and prefers to involve employees in the recruitment process. The reason behind this is that employees contribute relevant information regarding persons in line for the open slot. As baby boomers retire, it has become clear that millennials are set to lead the world for the next three decades. However, to millennials, work is perceived to be of lesser priority contrary to their outgoing predecessors. Hence the need for executive recruiters.


Julie Zuckerberg’s Work experience


Julie began her professional career in November 2002 and worked at Hudson for five years. She was the Director of Candidate Placement. Her job description included recruiting paralegals, case managers, lawyers, and other support staff. Julie educated persons interested in various posts on the benefits, opportunities, promotions, and working conditions available at the time. This enabled her to cultivate good employee and customer relations through solving arising work related issues. She was also required to ensure that the company was in compliance with legal and tax requirements. Between October 2007 and November 2013, Julie Zuckerberg served as the Vice President, NA Professional, and Executive Recruiter at Citi Global Functions and Citi Global Consumer Bank situated in New York. In this time, Julie provided recruitment services toward Managing Director and Director levels for Citi Global Consumer Marketing as well as CitiCards. She also guided entrepreneurs on the current compensation trends, competitive markets, recruitment strategies, and steps they should take to attract and retain talent. Julie Zuckerberg was the front runner in the negotiations of complex job offers which were characterized by clawbacks, equity buyouts, immigration, deferred awards, and relocation.


Deutsche Bank


In April 2014, Julie joined Deutsche Bank and served as Talent Acquisition Lead, Vice President, and Executive Recruiter. She helped other hiring managers in the recruitment of Directors and Managing Directors. During this period she was able to manage contract governance and business relationships with other search firms and organizations. Julie’s other roles include designing and implementing regulatory activities (IHC and CCAR mandates). In November 2015, her role at Deutsche Bank was expanded. Her responsibilities presently encompass Global Technology, Private Wealth, Operations, and collaboration with entrepreneurs. She also serves as the Executive Recruitment Lead at the financial institution and guides leadership committees concerning strategic recruitment practices. Julie has acquired various skill sets which include talent management, coaching, sourcing, employee training, team leadership, conflict resolution, and executive search. She, furthermore, participates in volunteer programs including human rights, technology development, economic empowerment, animal welfare, and arts. Julie resides in New York, and her interests include photography, technology, food, running, and art.