The Fight to End Oppression and Discrimination

In the complete declaration of war against discrimination, there have emerged many groups that are advocated for the eradication of oppression that regards the human and immigration rights. However many of these groups face challenges and therefore become insincere about their aim.

For the right fighting group to be effective, it is supposed to be particular with its objectives. The following are some of the sincere groups that are fighting for the rights of the immigrants and humans. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) was founded in the year 1946 and has a large number of lawyers and legal professionals.

The body has over 13000 members and is a nonprofit organization that is aimed at providing legal education and consultation services in America. Valuable individuals that are in need can be well served by the attorneys who are dedicated and dedicated to providing immigration law concept.

CHIRLA is another group fighting for the human rights and the rights of the immigrants located in Los Angeles. The area that the group covers includes the county and the entire America.

The group’s major aim is to fund and help those groups that have the objective of fighting for the right of the immigrants and creation of public awareness. It works in collaboration with other groups and has made a significant impact throughout the America and has made the group well celebrated.

The Larkin and Lacey Fonterra Fund is one of the groups fighting for the rights of the immigrants that were formed by the two co-founders, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. It is based in the Arizona. They came up with the idea of starting the group to fight for the rights of the human after being compensated for the false accusation.

The two had been accused wrongly by the Maricopa County Sherriff and sentenced to imprisonment afterward. However, they won the case in the court of appeal and were compensated an amount equal to 3.75 million. They decided to use the amount in support of the court of groups that fight for the civil rights.

From the groups support, many families and individuals with low income have been able to access equal opportunities for the rich families. It is currently with strong grounds in Arizona and the whole country in its services. Above the nonprofit organization that they run, the two co-founders also run a media outlets. With the experience in journalism, they can handle the challenges they face in the Fonterra Fund.

Business Executive Scott Rocklage

Scott Rocklage is the current managing partner of a company known as 5AM Ventures. He has held this position since the year 2004. Before he was managing partner, Scott was also the Venture partner which he attained the position of one year earlier in 2003. Rocklage has over three decades of experience in the healthcare management field. Over the course of his career he has spent a number of years being involved in strategic leadership roles. Scott helped three drug applications such as Omniscan, Teslascan and Cubicin receive approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Along with helping get drug applications getting approved by the FDA, Rocklage has also helped enter multiple drug candidates get into clinical trials.


During his career, Scott has held a number of high level management positions. Many of these positions have allowed him to successfully manage various organizations in the pharmaceutical industry. As well as providing him with an opportunity to manage companies, Scott has also helped use his expertise to provide advice and direction for a number of the organizations he has worked with. His current position as managing partner allow him to have a considerable amount of authority when it comes to running 5AM ventures. He has also held the position of venture partner where he was responsible for setting up investment financial deals for the company. Scott Rocklage has also held positions such as Board Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President for a number of organizations that he has worked for.


With his experience occupying various executive level positions, Scott has demonstrated a considerable amount of leadership abilities. Under his leadership, a number of companies in the pharmaceutical industry have been able to become successful organizations. Rocklage brings his knowledge and expertise in chemistry to provide suggestions on how to develop effective medications and drug applications. He is also able to use his experience to provide expert advice and feedback on how to successfully run a company and set policies that help it prosper. By providing is knowledge, expertise and experience, Scott Rocklage has been a very effective leader at all of the organizations he has been a part of.


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Notable Human Rights Groups

Talk Migrant Rights is an organization that aims to assist the planet’s many global immigrants. The planet is home to 232 million plus of them at the moment. These individuals often have to deal with taxing and difficult circumstances as well. It isn’t uncommon for immigrants to have to tolerate many types of severe rights violations.

Talk Migrant Rights tries hard on a daily basis to advance the rights of immigrants everywhere. This is a group that cares deeply about subjects such as discrimination, xenophobia and border security. It has a commitment to basic cultural, social and economic rights.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are the two individuals who are at the helm of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. They’re the group’s proud namesakes, too. Larkin and Lacey are the people behind both the Village Voice Media and the Phoenix New Times. They have set aside the settlement money that they received due to an arrest to benefit migrant rights groups all over the state of Arizona.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio arrested the pair in the autumn of 2007. The men, as a result, got a settlement that totaled close to $4 million. Arpaio worked for Maricopa County. He seized the duo of journalists in the middle of the night.  Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

They were at their homes sleeping at the time. They were imprisoned once they discussed the subject of grand jury proceedings. These proceedings went after reporters’ comments that pertained to writings that focused on the Sheriff.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund gives its assistance and guidance to all different types of organizations that speak up for migrant, human and civil rights. It’s a group that gives its assistance to freedom of speech matters as well.

The organization even cares about civic participation concepts within the state. The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund operates out of Phoenix in Arizona. It aids nearby organizations of all kinds.

Some examples of these organizations are the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition, the Arizona Justice Project, the Center for Neighborhood Leadership, the Justice for Immigrants & Families Project, the Phoenix Immigrant Justice Project and the Si Se Puede Foundation.

This human rights organization is perpetually growing and evolving. It’s constantly looking for opportunities to assist immigrants who are based in Arizona. Lacey and Larkin are two individuals who are 100 percent committed to doing good for the community that surrounds them day in and day out.

Pleasure Of Flying Higher With Fagali’I Airport

Fagali’I Airport is a favorite resource located in Samoa. Previously, it all started as a simple airstrip owned by the Samoan Government. At that time, the aerodrome was closed since it was reported to cause fears of insecurity and noise. In 2009 which was its time for reopening, it became an international airport due to the flight services it offered. It was so much ready to start providing top notch services unlike befofe. The ill-motive individuals at that time were more than prepared to begin criticizing the airport, but without noticing, they failed.

The airlines that have been well operating over the years are; Samoa Air, Polynesian Airlines, Talofa Airways and South Pacific Island Airways. No negative result has ever been reported. Instead, positive feedbacks on on the proper services the airport has been providing is what the clients have been mentioning.


Currently, Polynesian Airlines own this airport and runs all the operations with ease. One of the most significant achievements is that Polynesia Airlines under Fagali’I has taken over the American Samoan route. The growth of the airport is viewed due to the multiple numbers of services it offers to a different number of routes. The Fagali’I airport is surrounded by luxurious hotels which travelers can spend their time resting, working or even having fun before starting their travel routines. Though it is referred to as a small airport in Apia, Fagali’I have spread its roots so deep to the extent of having services reach in Africa.

Fagali’I has been a favorite of many due to the affordability of services. They ensure that their traveling services are considered even by the people termed to be of a low class level. Unlike other popular airports whose pricing strategy favors only the wealthy, Fagali’I Airport balances all the economic classes to ensure every client feels at home. Soon enough, this airport is going to be ranked as the best of the best if it stills upholds its proper services and customer care according to Some of the degraded factors in a business like the penetration pricing and many others are what will earn Fagali’I more popularity and enable it to earn a high market share in the flight business.

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