Talk Fusion: More Than Meets The Eye

Talk Fusion, on paper, is a video communications company. That is what they are known for and that is their bread and butter along with video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. However, they have bigger goals in mind than just being a video communications company. Make no mistake about it, that is a great quality and they have won awards for it including the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award ( It was their second award from the Technology Marketing Corporation, which is known in the industry as a media giant. They are very picky about the products they give awards out to, so the fact they won two awards from them in one year speaks to what they are doing over at Talk Fusion.


However, Bob Reina’s goals are bigger than that. He wants to change lives, find the next big thing, and make things easier for people in the world. That is what he has his heart set on, each and every day the company is open for business. One of the great things that Bob Reina did was make a donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society, which was said to be record-breaking and saved countless lives. Bob Reina is also focused on saving human lives as well with this product as he knows how unhappy people are at their jobs. That is why the award having the word “solutions” in it meant a lot to Bob Reina. He is big on people having solutions and choices in their life. When they have those, they can start to take control of their lives once again. Learn more:


They might have lost it for a while, but they can regain it and once they regain it, they are never going to let it go again. They are going to stick with it and see it through. They have something to offer the world and they feel it would be a true travesty to not let the world see it and be made aware of it. It starts with joining Talk Fusion and letting the world know what the company stands for and why it means so much.


Sheldon Lavin: Steering OSI Group into the Global Market

Leadership is an essential element in the growth of any entity. The role of leadership is epitomized by the expansion of OSI Group into a global brand. Sheldon Lavin is the man credited with the growth of the company from a small meat supplier in Illinois to a worldwide conglomerate. Before joining OSI, Lavin was worked as an investor and executive in the banking industry for more than fifteen years.

Lavin initially facilitated the financing of the company, which was by then known as Otto & Sons. It had been established in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant. It was a family meat market in Oak Park, Illinois before moving to Maywood as a wholesale meat trade. Lavin was instrumental in transforming the enterprise from revolving around meat supply to McDonald to the national and international markets.

Mr. Lavin studies accounting and finance at the University of Illinois and Northwestern University. Also, he holds a BS in Business from Roosevelt University. Lavin gained immense experience in finance having run a financial consulting firm for about fifteen years. Although he had initially rejected a suggestion by the lender (bank) to take an ownership position in the business, he agreed to McDonald’s request to join the company full time. He became more involved in the group around the 1970s and gained half of controlling interest. The early stages of expansion saw the company open units in South America and Taiwan.

Lavin’s unique approach towards success is anchored in promoting a family-like culture. He is undoubtedly committed towards the needs of the employees across the globe and their role in expansion and growth. He has also endeavored to ensure that the company responds to consumer needs in different parts of the world. One way has been through maintaining local management teams in all its facilities to allow for an understanding of local cultures, preferences, and tastes.

More than forty years at the helm of the business, Lavin still has the vigor to steer the company to greater heights. The company currently boasts of presence in more than seventeen countries across sixty-five facilities. He has notably led the OSI Group in Europe with the acquisition of brands such as Baho Foods. The brand operates in over eighteen countries in Europe. Besides running OSI Group, Lavin has been involved in charities for over twenty-five years. His leadership style has placed OSI Group in its current position in the international scene.

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