The Positive Impact Of Mikhail Blagosklonny On The Fileds Of Aging And Cancer

The word Oncotarget refers to all molecules, cellular functions and pathways common in microbes, cancer cells, neurons, lymphocytes, atherosclerosis, neurodegeneration, aging and cancer. Oncotarget is a free access journal and publishes weekly papers online. Every issue is available for printing on special demand. They strive to make scientific results widely and rapidly available in order to maximize the insightful reviews and impact of the research. Exceptional discoveries are quickly shared and fields of biomedical science are linked. This helps in the applications of clinical and basic science in regards to fighting disease. Oncotarget is led by prominent scientists and helps researchers with their contributions to science. Their goal is to have life without any disease. Visit to read more about Mikhail.

Mikhail Blagosklonny works at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute as a professor of Oncology. As a scientist he studies aging and cancer. He earned his MD in Internal Medicine at the First Pavlov State Medical University and also acquired his Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology. In 2002 he started working for the New York Medical College as an associate professor in the medical field. He eventually became the senior scientist at the Ordway Research Institute. In 2009 he made the move as the Professor of Oncology for the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He has become an excellent professor due to the skills he has learned while working in different positions at numerous places. His interest in research includes anti-aging drugs, targeted therapies for cancer to guard healthy cells against damage and Biogerontology which is the study of the mechanisms that underlay aging.

Mikhail Blagosklonny works at Cell Cycle and Oncotarget as the editor in chief as well as being the associate editor for therapy and cancer biology. Mr. Blagosklonny has a place on the editorial board for Cell Death and Differentiation. He is responsible for the hypothesis for the TOR Signaling potential role in both aging and cancer. His proposal was to use Rapamycin, a popular drug currently used to treat cancer. He believes this treatment may be an option for life extension. Mikhail Blagosklonny has been named as one of the most passionate advocates regarding the use of Rapamycin regarding research into longevity. His research varies and includes clinical investigations and molecular and cellular biology. This generally includes mitosis, anticancer therapeutics, cell cycles, apoptosis, the resistance of normal cells drugs for selective protection, tumor suppressors, ontogenesis and signal transduction. Read more on

Mikhail Blagosklonny has written about an aging hyperfunction theory, chemotherapeutic engineering and cell cyclotherapy. His interest in oncology is passionate and believes it is possible to control both aging and cancer. He believes there is a cure for cancer and this was the basis for his suggestion regarding the use of Rapamycin. There are 300 reviews, book chapters and research articles published with his name. He is an associate editor for the International Journal of Cancer,PLOS ONE and the American Journal of Pathology. His commitment and hard work have helped him become one of the major oncology researchers worldwide. He believes he found his field because of his vision of a disease free world and his love for humanity.

Roberto Santiago Built Manaira Mall

Roberto Santiago is a businessman who has grown a small mall into something that is close to an empire. With everything from a concert hall to a hotel and traditional shopping, Roberto Santiago knows what he needs to do to make sure that people are able to get the most out of the experiences that they have while they are at the Manaira Mall. He knows a lot about shopping and even designing buildings like the mall and used his expertise to make the mall the best place possible back in 1989. It was a huge change for the people who were a part of the shopping world and who wanted to be able to try new things. Read more on

The shops that are in the Manaira Mall are very different from one another. While there is a section of the mall that is dedicated to the traditional chain stores that can be found in most malls, there are also sections of the mall that are specifically for designer stores and even traditional stores. Anyone who needs anything – from Brazilian souvenirs to high-heeled designer shoes – is able to find what they need from the Manaira Mall right in Paraiba.

Most people who visit the Manaira Mall without knowing what the mall has to offer are surprised by everything that is included in the mall. From the expo center to the hotel, the mall has many unexpected options that help people to have a more enjoyable time while they are at the mall. Everything that Roberto Santiago has done for the Manaira Mall has made it easier for people to be able to enjoy the mall and get more out of the mall. It has also given him a chance to be able to grow the mall even more than what he did in the past.

The expo center has proven to be one of the best assets that the mall has. It is something that most people do not expect and something that has made people come into the mall even when they don’t need to shop or eat. The way that Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is set up has made it easy for people to come to the mall and to be able to see everything that the mall has to offer even if they are just there for a concert or another event at the expo center. Visit for more info.

Roberto Santiago is a true businessman and has been helping people who come to the mall since the mall was first created. He came up with all of the ideas for the mall and even made the choice to show people that they could do more with it. As a business person who owns a mall, he has been able to set up the generations after him with the success that they need. Since Manaira has continued to be successful, there is no reason to believe that it would stop being successful in the years that are going to come for the generations that are after Roberto Santiago.