How Securus Technologies Helped Close a Hunt for a Fugitive

Earlier this year me and my fellow fugitive task force team were alerted that a suspect in the area was armed and dangerous and looking to kill cops. He was already being hunted for armed robberies at a number of banks, and he opened fire on a number of officers who tried to take him into custody. If this suspect has little regard for the police, then the average citizen was in serious danger if they ever came fact to face with our suspect.


I decided to go to the jail he was housed earlier this year to see if we could get any information or leads from the inmates who came in contact with him. This is a very challenging task because inmates will not openly talk with authorities because they get labeled as a snitch, and then they have to deal with their own type of justice from other inmates. I knew there were a few inmates who had dealings with out suspect, and I was sure he even burned a few bridges along the way.


Securus Technologies was in the jail that week installing a new updated inmate telephone communication system. According to CEO Richard Smith, his Dallas-based company and all of his employees are constantly striving towards one goal, making the world safer for us all. With over 2,500 call monitoring systems in jails around the country, this company is doing something right. Since we already had the inmates chattering about our presence, it was time to listen in to see what they really thought about us.


One inmate in particular was irate he was in jail, and blamed our suspect for ratting him out. Whether his complaints were warranted or not, he gave up more information in those calls we could have ever wanted. One tip lead us right to a girlfriend’s trailer where he was hiding, and we took him in while he was sleeping one off.